Which is the nutritional value of beer?

This beer is prepared from natural raw materials including high nutritional value like barley, yeast and water, which contribute in a healthy life style and a balanced diet. This beer provides many beneficial ingredients like antioxidant essences, mineral salts, trace Elements and vitamins ( mostly B complex). It offers many vitamins in the organism but must be consumed in moderation for a balanced diet. Beer is a refreshing drink with low alcohol content. Drinks with low alcohol content, like beer, are absorbed slower by stomach leading in a low alcohol concentration in the blood.


Natural ingredients of beer and their contribution in a person’s health.

The moderate beer consumption is related to the decrease of cardiovascular conditions danger not only because of the low alcohol content but also in the ingredients contained like antioxidant essences, trace Elements and vitamins and their protective action. Beer is a source of soluble fibres that result from cell walls of barley. 2 glasses of beer contain about 10% of recommended daily need in fibre plants . Fibre plants related in the normal functioning of digestive system, delay digestion and absorption of food and decrease cholesterol levels.


Antioxidant essences

Antioxidant essences in beer are found in the barley and hop. The amount of antioxidants in the beer depends on the kind of beer, raw materials and the preparation procedure. Research has shown that the blood concentration in antioxidants is increased with beer consumption which means it is absorbed easier from the organism. These essences have a protective role against cancer due to the action of free radicals , as they play an important role in decrease of heart conditions by blocking coagulation.



Beer is rich in vitamins of complex B and mostly niacin, rivoflamine (B2), pyridoxine (B6), folic acid (B9) and cobalamin (B12). Beer forms the natural source of vitamin B12 which is necessary for the organism. Vitamins of B complex act protective in the organism against cardiovascular conditions and it is also more beneficial than white wine. Moreover, it decreases homocysteine levels like bad cholesterol.


Hop is included in a great amount in the beer and the flower hops which are added during the process operate as natural ingredients and aromatics. Hop contains flavonoids with protective properties in some diseases and help in fighting various kinds of cancer.


Beer contains potassium at high concentration while it is low at natrium. Moreover, it contains calcium and plenty of magnesium which is useful against gallstones, occlusion of bile ducts and liver. Research has shown that daily consumption of a glass of beer decreases the danger of kidney stone appearing.

Is beer fattening?

Beer does not contain fats and it also has low sugar concentration. It’s calories are mostly due to the alcohol and It’s calorific value is lower than other drinks but it is consumed in greater amounts. On it’s own, beer consumption is not related to the increase of Body Mass Index and obesity. On the other side, moderate consumption of beer is related with lower BMI at women.

Drink beer in a glass..

Beer’s basic ingredients is barley, yeast, cereals and water. It concerns of really beneficial ingredients for the organism which benefit the most. Beer on it’s total results maybe at the most healthy drink as it contains valuable antioxidant essences, vitamins, trace Elements and mineral salts. It’s concentration ia alcohol is really low, but it is possible to cause intoxication as it’s consumption rarely stays under normal terms…

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Precious ingredients in every sip

Niacin, rivoflamine, pyridoxine, folic acid and cobalamin are Just a few of the Precious vitamins of B complex, which we can find in the beer that it also protects the organism from cardiovascular diseases and coagulation. But beyond vitamins, the presence of hop is precious, as of it’s high concentration in flavonoids, has been established, it fights certain forms of cancer.
Precious and necessary for the organism are also minerals, which are contained in a glass of beer. It’s high concentration in calcium and magnesium decrease a lot the chance of kidney stone appearing. Finally, the strong antioxidant action of beer, which is due to barley and hop, consists maybe the main reason of beer consumption-beyond it’s unique taste.